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Discover top-tier, streamlined security for your cryptocurrency with our web wallet. Enjoy safe, easy, and efficient digital asset management. Join our revolution today.

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Top Features

Buy Crypto

Purchase various digital currencies, designed for a quick and seamless experience for both beginners and experts.".

Open-Ended API Server

A robust Open-Ended API Server, allowing developers to easily withdraw funds from external wallets.

Enhanced Encryption

Cryptocoinhub provides an extra layer of security by allowing everything to be encrypted with an additional password.

Real-Time Tracking

Stay updated with instant notifications and real-time tracking for all your crypto transactions

Sell Crypto

Quickly and securely convert your digital currencies into fiat with our 'Sell Crypto' feature


Ultra-Fast processing. Our platform ensures lightning-quick transactions.

Your Crypto

Seamless Buying, Selling, and Swapping

Step into the world of crypto with ease. Our streamlined process lets you buy, sell, and swap cryptocurrencies within minutes. Whether you're a Bitcoin enthusiast or looking to explore other altcoins, we've got you covered.

Cryptocoinhub is crafted for all - from those taking their first steps in crypto to seasoned enthusiasts. Our intuitive design ensures a hassle-free and secure experience for every user.

Unlock the potential of your investments with our lucrative reward system. Enjoy bonuses on weekly round-ups and exclusive deals at your favorite stores. Make every pay work harder for you with automated crypto investments.

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Cryptocoinhub is a secure, user-friendly web wallet that allows users to buy, sell, swap crypto, and access DApps, all in one platform.

To create a wallet, simply sign up on our platform, verify your identity, and set up a wallet with a secure, decentralized email-based recovery process.

Absolutely. We prioritize your security by using industry-leading security measures and ensuring that only you have access to your private keys and secret phrases.

When you send or receive crypto using Cryptocoinhub, network transaction fees, commonly referred to as 'gas', are typically applied. These fees are an inherent part of blockchain transactions. It's important to note that Cryptocoinhub does not retain any portion of these fees; they are entirely allocated to the network.

If you forget your password, you can use our secure, decentralized email-based recovery process to regain access to your wallet, or your 12 keyword seedphrase.

We adhere to all applicable laws and regulations in the jurisdictions we operate in, ensuring a legal and safe environment for our users to trade and manage their crypto assets


True Ownership & Unbreakable Security

We empower you with complete control over your digital assets. Our state-of-the-art security ensures that your private keys remain exclusively yours. Experience the true essence of crypto ownership with unrivaled security.